Admit It, Your Traditional Tactics Aren’t Working Anymore

Over the past few weeks, we’ve written to you about just-in-time channel enablement, how learning in the flow work has become a successful and popular method of training, and how our entire channel salesforce would benefit from the use of a sales script.  

This week we want to hit you with some facts that support the need for a shift in our traditional sales training tactics. It’s clear to see that what we’re currently doing isn’t working anymore. Yet, we never change anything. 

Oh wait, we now use Learning Management Systems to assist with on-demand training, which seems to be working, not!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome. We can’t let our channel ecosystem continue to drive us insane! 

Did you know that 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone and that 42% of sales reps don’t feel that they have enough information before making a call? That means only half of the calls made on behalf of your product are quality calls.  

With numbers like that, it’s no surprise that even after hours of lunch and learns and numerous product certifications, over 57% of sales reps still won’t make their quota, and 72% of B2B companies won’t achieve their revenue goals. How are we okay with this? 

It’s time to shatter the status quo! Time to take your traditional training and support tactics and flip them on their head! It has been shown that continuous training reaps 50% higher net sales per employee. THIS IS MASSIVE INCREASE…and something we should all be striving for.  

With stats like these, how could anyone argue that their current tactics are working and that their channel ecosystem wouldn’t benefit from just-in-time enablement, learning in the flow work, and the use of sales scripts? They can’t…you can’t. 

Admitting that your traditional tactics aren’t working anymore is only the first step. Next is the one that, for most, seems overwhelming – finding a solution. Lucky for you, this doesn’t have to be such a daunting task; the answer is Qotient. Our platform streamlines your current process with a workflow that drives success.