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PLATFORM UPDATE: The Lead Automation Tool You’ve Been Dreaming Of…

Most vendors spend millions of dollars in generating end-user awareness and inbound leads. For example, 53% of marketers say they spend half or more of their entire […]

PLATFORM UPDATE: The Power of Qotient in the Palm of Your Hand.

In 2020, the industry saw increased use of CRM software on mobile devices – and the statistics supporting that are mind-blowing!  61% of companies believe that mobile CRM is […]

Fundamentals to Boost Channel Revenue: Strategic Planning, Innovation, Communication & Trust

Many vendors and manufacturers, regardless of industry, fall victim to their annual channel partner plans. The process starts in the middle of Q4 when excited vendor channel […]

Healthy Vendor-Partner Relationships Require Trust

Most organizations struggle with their vendor-partner relationships. When both get it right, it means considerable gains in sales, services, market share, and brand reach. Yet today, the vendor-partner […]

How Much Change Does Your Sales Channel Actually Want to See?

Change is difficult. No matter if it is in your personal or professional life, it takes some getting used to. Here at Qotient, we understand that. We also […]

Are you investing in the right partners?

You’ve heard this question before; honestly, it may keep you up at night, “How do you know which Partners to invest in?“ This is tricky because the archaic methods you’re relying on make […]

Admit It, Your Traditional Tactics Aren’t Working Anymore

Over the past few weeks, we’ve written to you about just-in-time channel enablement, how learning in the flow work has become a successful and popular method of […]

Stop Looking at “Sales Script” as a Nasty Word

We’ve all been there once or twice before. You’re on a sales call, and it’s going well, you’re on a roll, and then it happens…you forget your […]

The Paperless Classroom

Picture this scenario. You are getting ready to change the oil in your vehicle. Before doing so, you will want to refer to training materials to ensure […]

The Noise in the Channel is Deafening

There is so much noise in today’s world, and especially in channel. On average, your salespeople are being inundated with over 7,000 external commercial impressions, 120+ emails, […]

Just-in-Time Channel Enablement

Are you struggling to transform your channel sales team despite constant training? Are traditional methods such as lunch and learns, product certifications, and marketing materials not generating the […]

Launching and Measuring an Effective Channel Program

Over the last few weeks, we have been sharing our five-part blog series. As we get down to the final two sections, we hope that you’ve not […]

The Future of Business Travel

As we all know, in 2020, business travel came to a screeching halt in the wake of Covid-19. Now, a year later, we’re beginning the realize that […]

Setting Channel Performance Goals

Over the last few weeks, we have written about how important it is to have a fast start to 2021. At Qotient, one of our primary goals […]

Not Your Average Channel Software

Last week we wrote about how your partner portal isn’t the new and exciting tool that you may think it is and that it’s time for you […]

*Spoiler Alert* Your Partner Portal is NOT a New and Exciting Tool

In 2017, Salesforce found that partners account for one-third of the average company’s revenue and more than two-thirds of revenue for high-tech, manufacturing, and telecom companies. However, […]

Fast Start to 2021

Here we are, the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Typically, we’re unsure what we should be working on because half of our staff, partners, and clients […]

The Partner of Today Isn’t the Partner of Tomorrow

The speed of change within channel sales comes at lightning speed. The partner of today isn’t the partner of tomorrow…truth be told, the partner of 2020 isn’t […]