“More than half of C-Suite executives say that sales enablement solutions are the top technology investment needed to boost productivity.”

– Forbes, 2020


With over 50% of Hi-Tech Sales going through the Channel, there are variety of issues that face the Vendor ecosystem. Developing Partners is difficult and everchanging along with the technology being sold. Qotient solves this sales challenge by accelerating sales and driving pipeline.

Channel Partners are receiving daily requests from multiple vendors each day. Qotient helps Vendors remain top of mind by providing relevant QTrax {prebuilt sales conversation} along with relevant marketing material so that sales reps don’t have to hunt for the material or use outdated material stored on their laptop.

Knowledge and Training

As technology continues to expand at an astronomical rate, sellers are commonly challenged to stay on top of the extensive offerings they support. Traditional training and certification isn’t working. People sell what they are comfortable. Qotient solves this by delivering relevant content when a sales rep needs the information.


Many vendors struggle to identify sales pipeline activity for key offerings quickly. They provide their partners leads that go into a Black Hole. Qotient solves this by enabling the ability to share data without comprising the sales process of the Channel Partner. Vendors can get real-time feedback on their leads and sort out which partners they should be investing in.

Brand Messaging

As a Vendor, how do you manage the message being delivered by your Partners? Our platform allows you to shape this message consistently through QTrax, supporting materials, and solution insights for sellers to leverage in calls. Partners also appreciate knowing that their message aligns with yours.


It’s about more than MDF! Partners look to align with Vendors who genuinely want to collaborate on success. Our platform enables you to collaborate on success by providing consistent messaging, just-in-time enablement support, and incentive-driven campaigns. Furthermore, increased optics into your channel ecosystem allows you to strategically identify who and where to invest your development time and dollars by quickly determining which Partners are committed to driving sales activity and success.

“It’s estimated that $50 billion in MDFs is put out there each year, however based on our worldwide channel survey data shows as much as 60% goes unused.”

– Zinfi, 2020